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Doc Share

Associations and Federations have to produce various official documents such as position papers or technical documentation         requiring deep analysis from various experts.

Doc-Share has been built to meet these demands. Why spend time administering  emails between dozens of participants? Use a single point of contact where documents and comments from all stakeholders are safely stored.



Doc share is a files manager system especially designed for International organizations and their specific needs, some of its features:

  • Built-in user management. Clearly define access to each of your members/groups.
  • Preview documents (flip book) before downloading them.
  • user-friendly browsing navigation. 
  • Comments support. Let your members comment your drafts and even post their own amended version.
  • Notification. Notify specific groups of your members when you upload a new document
  • Index document contents (doc, PDF, ppt, xls and most of the standard formats)
  • Moderation functionality. Monitor closely your members' activities.

Please note all these features can be disabled or enabled following your organization's strategy.

Convinced? Curious?

Please contact us if you wish either to see a demo, a working example, or if you wish Trynisis to respond to your request for proposals. 

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