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Each month workgroup meetings have to be arranged. Dozens of emails are sent to ensure that all participants will attend the meeting. This requires constant attention, the list of attendees has to be regularly updated, files have to be shared such as the agenda and the points to be discussed. 

It is one of the most time-consuming and less rewarding tasks in a busy office environment. The Trynisis calendar has therefore been created to save you time and dramatically          facilitate the whole process.



Calendar provides various features including ones fully dedicated to international organizations

  • Built-in user management. Clearly define access for each member/group. The users will only see the event they can attend.
  • Single click registration.
  • Create an event through a user-friendly form. Define who has the right to attend it. Send notification to all with a single click.
  • Attached files before the event (agenda) and even after the event (minutes of meetings).
  • Built-in Search engine.
  • Receive an automatic notification when someone registers.
  • Real-time online listing of confirmed attendees that you can copy before the event.

Please note all these features can be disabled or enabled following your organization strategy.

Convinced? Curious?

Please contact us if you wish either to see a demo, a working example, or if you wish Trynisis to respond to your request for proposals. 

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