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Event Registration

Associations and Federations have to periodically organize major events in order to gather all stakeholders together at one single venue. It is usually the most important occasion of the year for an organization.

How many people will attend the event? How many have paid, if this is required? How do you optimise the process of sending a reminder to the others? How best to extract the last list? How to introduce the programme? And the speakers?             Accommodation (if required)...?

Trynisis offers you its vast experience by creating dedicated Mini Web Sites and       event registration tools.


Event Registration has the following features

  • Form wizard, be able to create by yourself the form responding to your needs.
  • Be able to download in a excel compatible format an attendee listing
  • A Mini web sites with speakers, programmes and registration form ready to be used.
  • Online payment scheme is available and it can be plugged to the mini web site

Please note all these features can be disabled or enabled following your organization strategy.

Convinced? Curious?

Please contact us if you wish either to see a demo, a working example, or if you wish Trynisis to respond to your request for proposals. 

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