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Press Review

Associations and Federations need to keep track of, and collate, a multitude of different sources of informationSome sources are local, others national. Why not offer this as an additional service to your members?

Press review is a system that allows you to aggregate different RSS feeds into a single one to then publish on your members' zone. You can also manually add other news. This will be viewed as an 'added value' service you are providing to your members saving them both time and money.


Press review's  features :

  • Aggregate different RSS into a single one
  • Add manually any news you wish.
  • Publish these selected news onto your web site
  • Create a RSS feed that can be read on computers or mobile devices.

Please note all these features can be disabled or enabled following your organization strategy.

Convinced? Curious?

Please contact us if you wish either to see a demo, a working example, or if you wish Trynisis to respond to your request for proposals. 

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