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Web Conferencing

In times like these of a deep economic crisis, travel costs have been severely reduced by most organizations. At the same time more meetings have to be planned in order to cope with increased communication needs in today's global market economy.

So why not reserve your face to face meetings for the most strategic occasions and use our web conferencing technology to organize all other non-critical meetings? Our technology has been especially designed for Associations and Federations. No program needs to be installed on your client's computer.

Our application is flash based.




Web conference review's  features :

  • Organize web conference, webinar, etc.
  • Organize different conferences at the same time
  • Support web cam
  • Review documents online (shared screen) and amend them in real time.
  • Use a whiteboard to draw anything you wish to illustrate your intervention.

Convinced? Curious?

Please contact us if you wish either to see a demo, a working example, or if you wish Trynisis to respond to your request for proposals. 

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